Our Philosophy

Sigmones Acropolis Meats and Deli is the #1 family owned and operated deli / meat market, in Pasco, Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties. We offer a collection of family packages created to accomadate every families needs. Each of our packages are designed to save our consumers anywhere from $20, $40 or even up to $75 dollers for buying in bulk. Our family packages also provide the convience of being able to structure and budget your families meals anywhere from one week to one month at one time. “Sigmone’s Acropolis Meats and Deli is working harder and harder every day, to personally deliver the utmost convience and satisfaction to our consumers at the most reasonably fair prices possible. All of our fresh meats come wrapped in a high quality white freezer paper, which has a plastic lining on the inside. We use this paper because it creates a seal, which will protect the meat from freezer burning for up to 6 monthes in your freezer.